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Fund Facts highlights key information for investors, including a description of the fund and the performance, risks and costs of buying and owning the fund, in a short, easy-to-read document. Learn more 

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Financial Reports and Prospectuses offer detailed reference information not found in our fund brochures. Learn more 

Proxy Voting

Examine the proxy voting policy, guidelines and records of our mutual funds. Learn more 

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Review general disclosure about rates of return and other information regarding our investment solutions. Learn more 

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Be confident about the governance of your mutual funds. Read about the leadership of RBC Global Asset Management and the Board of Governors. Learn more 


  • Innovative, high quality and professionally managed
  • Designed to provide attractive risk-adjusted performance
  • Invest with Canada's leading provider of income solutions*
  • Backed by the strength and stability of RBC Global Asset Management
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We provide regular updates on the global economy and our current view of investment trends.