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Personal Investors – Mutual Funds

Award-winning family of mutual funds providing value, choice and transparency to Canadian investors.


Mutual Funds Spotlight

You are on: RBC QUBE Low Volatility Equity Funds

The Low-Volatility Opportunity

Low-volatility equity portfolios aim to deliver a material reduction in volatility (i.e. price fluctuations of your investment) while generating long-term returns that are comparable to traditional equity indices.

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You are on: RBC Corporate Class Funds

Have you already topped up your RRSP and TFSA this year?

Are you looking for another tax-advantaged way to save and invest?

RBC Corporate Class Funds are a tax-efficient solution for the non-registered assets in your portfolio.

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You are on: $U.S. Investment Solutions

Looking to invest your U.S. dollars? Explore our wide range of investment solutions.

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You are on: RBC High Yield Bond Fund

High yield bonds can provide a boost to bond portfolios through exposure to higher yielding opportunities and improving diversification.

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Portfolio Solutions

Investing in an RBC Portfolio Solution means having peace of mind in knowing we are taking the time to manage your investments day-to-day, month-to-month.

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