Proxy Voting Records

In this section, you will find the proxy voting records for the RBC ETFs which hold voting securities. The Proxy Voting Search function allows you to see the proxy voting record of the ETF you choose.

Proxy Voting Search


How to Use the Proxy Voting Search

Use the Fund Search to select one of the RBC ETFs. Click Search and you will see a list of companies held by the selected ETF and the meetings at which the ETF exercised its voting rights. Click on a Company name to see the issues on which shareholders voted at the meeting and how the ETF voted. Use Company Search to check for a particular company, using the alphabetical listing, the company name or the company's ticker symbol. The ticker is the symbol under which that specific security is listed on a stock exchange.

Use Meeting Date Search to see the proxy voting records of all of the ETFs which held voting securities, for meetings held during a specific period. The proxy voting records begin on January 1, 2008 for RBC ETFs.


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