BlueBay Funds

Now there are three distinct BlueBay Funds for Canadian investors to choose from:

BlueBay Global Monthly Income Bond Fund

An all-in-one global income solution.

BlueBay Global Monthly Income Bond Fund provides exposure to three distinct parts of the global fixed income market:

  • Global high-yield bonds – BlueBay’s team of credit analysts search the world for the most attractive high-yield corporate bonds.
  • Emerging market bonds – Many emerging markets are in a better position than developed markets with low debt and high growth rates, and often provide higher yields than developed markets.
  • Convertible bonds – Convertible bonds combine the defensive qualities of bonds with the upside potential of equities.

With this Fund, investors can diversify their income sources; access new opportunities, including investing in emerging markets; and earn a steady monthly payout.

BlueBay Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund

A targeted portfolio of high-quality emerging market corporate bonds.

BlueBay Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund provides exposure to corporate bonds issued throughout the emerging markets that are predominantly high in quality with the majority being ranked investment grade by independent credit rating agencies.

BlueBay is a pioneer and specialist in emerging market credit markets. And the sole focus of the Fund is aimed at generating high risk-adjusted returns for clients through their expertise in applying a wide range of investment tools and strategies.

With this Fund, investors can diversify their income sources and access new opportunities exclusively through emerging markets while potentially earning high levels of income.

BlueBay Global Convertible Bond Fund

Combines the downside protection of bonds with the potential upside of equities.

Why Consider a Global Convertible Bond Investment?

  • Invest in global equity markets with less risk – Over the long term, global convertibles have outperformed global equities with approximately half the volatility.1
  • An element of downside protection – During the last two major downturns – the tech bubble and the financial crisis – convertible bonds outperformed equities.2
  • Lower interest rate risk – As interest rates rise, convertible bonds tend to behave more like equities and normally rise in value.

To determine if BlueBay Global Monthly Income Bond Fund, BlueBay Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund or BlueBay Global Convertible Bond Fund are right for your portfolio, please speak to your advisor or click on Invest Now for options on how to contact us.

BlueBay’s Approach to Fixed Income

In this video, Mark Dowding, Partner & Head of Developed Markets at BlueBay Asset Management in London explains that BlueBay’s portfolio managers are investors, not traders, with a team-based approach to investing. Mark notes that the team has developed a robust, structured and repeatable investment process. He also discusses BlueBay’s particular advantages in researching and investing in European fixed income.

About BlueBay Asset Management

BlueBay Asset Management LLP is an award-winning institutional money manager based in London, England, with offices in Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S. As a sub-advisor to the BlueBay Funds managed by RBC Global Asset Management, BlueBay's investment expertise will afford access to unique investment opportunities not readily available to Canadian investors. BlueBay has a dynamic research driven approach to the global credit markets with a strong emphasis on absolute returns and capital preservation.

The acquisition of BlueBay in December 2010 enables RBC Global Asset Management to offer a greater range of fixed income solutions to investors in Canada and around the globe.

BlueBay Funds are offered by RBC Global Asset Management Inc. and distributed through authorized dealers. BlueBay Asset Management LLP is the investment sub-advisor of the fund and is a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada.
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