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RBC Managed Portfolios

Whether it is building long-term wealth or generating a steady stream of cash flow from your savings, the RBC Managed Portfolios program is a sophisticated investment solution that delivers the crucial elements required to succeed in today’s complex and fast-paced market environment.

RBC Managed Portfolios program is specifically designed for investors who:

  • Don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to research the markets or manage their investments
  • Want to get maximum value for the investment fees they pay
  • Have trouble tracking their various investments
  • Want a company they can trust managing investments on their behalf
  • Have more than $100,000 to invest individually, or as a household.

Benefits of investing in RBC Managed Portfolios

  • Customized investment advice: A dedicated RBC financial planner works with you to clarify your goals and implement a strategy supported by regular reviews.
  • More time for you: Your money is invested in a combination of RBC Private Pools and RBC Funds that are regularly monitored and rebalanced by RBC Global Asset Management so you can focus on other important aspects in your life, such as family, career or running a business.
  • Value for money: The program features a tiered-fee structure that reduces your fee rate as your household investments in the program grow.
  • Ongoing communications: You will receive detailed quarterly reporting, including personalized rates of return and performance commentaries so you can track your progress and know exactly how your money is being managed.

With six different profiles available, whether you are looking for income from your investments or are a conservative to growth-oriented investor, we have a profile to meet your needs.

To learn more about RBC Managed Portfolios visit an
RBC Royal Bank branch (opens new window) or speak with an RBC financial planner (opens new window).