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Financial Reports & Prospectuses

Management Report of Fund Performance
Financial Statements

Annual and semi-annual reports and financial statements include management discussion of fund performance, economic outlook, and details of fund portfolios.


Simplified Prospectus

Offers general investing information and fund overview including investment strategies, risks of investing in each fund and portfolio sub-advisor details.

RBC Funds

PH&N Funds

RBC Corporate Class Funds


Annual Information Forms

Shows the date each fund was established and material changes relating to the funds in the last 10 years (changes in fund names, management fees, fundamental investment objectives and material investment strategies).

RBC Funds

PH&N Funds

RBC Corporate Class Funds


Other Documents

Declaration of Trust

Custodianship Agreement

Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure

Exemptive Relief for Certain Private Placement Offerings

National Instrument 24-101 Trade Matching and Settlement Trade-Matching Statement

Fund Facts

Fund Facts, Prospectus and Other Financial Reports


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