RBC Target Education Funds

One fund. One date. One goal.

Investing in a child’s future is a wonderful gift and a sound investment. Whether you’re investing inside or outside of a registered plan, we have the right solution to meet your needs and ensure your child has sufficient funds to pay for post-secondary education.

RBC Target Education Funds: Saving for Your Child's Future - NEW

A smart and easy way to save for a post-secondary education

RBC Target Education Funds are an innovative approach to education savings. They are designed for those who are uncertain of the best way to invest for a child’s education or do not have the time to do it themselves. To start saving, you simply select the fund that is closest to your child’s target education date.

Which RBC Target Education Fund is Right for You?

A portfolio designed to grow and then preserve capital

RBC Target Education Funds are made up of a portfolio of RBC Funds and feature an asset mix that evolves over time, with a greater weighting in equities in the early years and a more conservative asset mix favouring fixed income investments as your child's target education date approaches. The advantage is an investment that provides growth potential up front to help keep pace with the rising cost of education and, as the target date approaches, each fund becomes more conservative, reducing both volatility and the potential for erosion of capital.

Asset mix becomes more conservative over time

Asset Mix Becomes More Conservative Over Time Note: The vertical bars represent where each Target Education Fund is along the education savings timeline. For illustrative purposes only. Target allocation of the Fund may vary in accordance with the targets outlined in the prospectus.

RBC Target Education Funds make saving for your child’s education easy. To learn more about this easy and effective education savings solution, speak to your advisor or click on Invest Now for options on how to invest with us.

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